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Sunday, February 14, 2010

the girl's story

I have a sad story, the story goes like this.
Once a upon a time, a beautiful girl bought a very beautiful handbag. She was so happy and told all her friends about it. One day, the handbag's was broken and the zip cannot be used anymore. So she sent it to the shop to get it repaired. After 4 months , she was so happy that the bag was successfuly repaired and impatiently holding it in the shopping bag plastic. While she was walking, she was fascinated with a beautiful dress and tried the dress in the fitting room. She hang the plastic bag on the wall. Then she realised that the dress doesnt suit with her as she looks so awkward in a 12 years old 'pinafore'. She went out from the fitting room and returned the dress to the salesgirl and straight to the garments's dept. After 10 minutes she realised that she has left the handbag in the fitting room and rushingly went back to the place and found nothing in there. She was panicked and asked the salesgirl, and to her surprised the salesgirl has returned it to the lady who just left the fitting room a few minutes ago. After found the lady, the girl and the salesgirl asked about the plastic bag. With disturbed face and annoyed voice the lady showed a basket of full of the same shopping plastic bags (7-8 bags) with the message shown on her face please go away and dont disturb her, I am innocent. The lady did not try to check or open her things and it make the girl feeling very guilty to disturb people's privacy or to do a spotcheck on other people things!. The girl has erlier thought that all she got to do is to open all the plastic bags and check one by one. Ahhh! she got confused. The lady did not even look to her face. She seems not even bother to them. The girl feeling so embarassed and just left the lady after said sorry. She comforted herself by thinking that the salesgirl might has given to the wrong person. With that lady's appearance , she seems rich and wealthy to take other people belonging or to simply receive what ever things which does not belong to her. The girl went home feeling frustrated and accepted her carelessness.... The end..


Suhana Shahril said...

Beg awak ke shila?Cam jadi kat awak jer...teka jer..kehkeh..


shila..tak apa, belilah lain. ya..dapat gaji nanti..he.he

Tulip said...

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